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About Artist

Aaron (Ezi) Underwood is a hip hop artist from Indianapolis Indiana born and raised. He has always been creative. When Ezi was younger he went to multiple schools, but he graduated from Pike High School. Though he has had many passions like longboarding, dancing, and parkour. Ezi enjoys doing art the most! Ezi started drawing when he was in kindergarten but his passion bloomed when he started working towards a scholarship from the art center of Indianapolis, in broad ripple. It was there that his passion changed from only pencil and pen. Ezi's media grew into all art forms that were available to him. It was at the Art Center that he was introduced to jewelry making and photography. After he left the Arts Center, his obsession with anime grew and Ezi continued his art through comics. He wrote small Comics based off of his classmates and himself. He spent hours making comics and characters for the comic.
As his art developed, Ezi gained a passion with Digital Arts and begin to do a lot of photography. He even started to pursue an education in Digital Arts. He found himself doing a lot of Flyers and developing websites using Myspace as a host. Ezi also started his own business selling origami flowers. He taught myself a lot of the Arts that he pursued and found myself bored with just digital art. He wanted to replicate what he was making on the computer to paper.
Ezi begin to draw his models. Drawing his models with pen and pencil, brought him into Copic markers, watercolors, and acrylic paints. He has always loved street art. Artist like Shepherd, who did the Obama poster hope, started doing large mural pieces on buildings. Seeing this development in the art world planted the idea of returning creativity to the community. "I want to become a Mural artist", he told myself! MadC, C215, and Does showed him that on the walls anything is possible! He quickly found himself designing with spray paint on longboards, wooden furniture, and canvas shoes.
One of his first large projects was done with the women's fund and the Go and Play project. During this project they designed stand up pianos with mixed media, all volunteer work. They had a silent auction for the pianos, and his was not only sold but sat in front of the convention center across from Victory Field for a few weeks during the comic convention. The donator who bought the piano also ask him to design the chair to sit in front of the piano. This was an amazing opportunity to give back to his community and expose him to doing larger art pieces. Ezi's first mural was on a laundromat near 5105 English Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46219. Riding his bike 15 miles to get the opportunity to design the side of a laundromat, the owner wanted something simple, just bubbles and the word tide. After seeing that he had traveled so far and the mode of transportation, the owner of the laundromat immediately gave him the job.
After that Ezi was determined to make an art career. He has been featured in several different galleries including the meet the artist at the downtown library with Mr. Tony Radford. Ms. Lisa, happened to visit one of these many galleries where his art was being displayed. She saw one of Ezi's earlier pieces of how hip-hop has influence and saved his life, and the rest is history!